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The Twitch Women's Guild is getting together to raise funds for the American Heart Association to celebrate heart health and VALENTINE'S DAY!



Times are in the GMT time zone

We will just have to find out what awesome thing they are up to together.

Gamer, night owl, dog cuddler. Streaming weekday evenings 6/7pm (PST) and here and there on weekends!

Join me in the dating world of playing Hatoful Boyfriend Dating Sim on stream.

My name is Aretha. I'm an Indigenous streamer and filmmaker. I play a lot of games but I play a lot of DBD.

Retro streamer going to be vibing with some Harvest Moon 64 and giving flowers to cute girls :3

hi im megan! (she/her) 💖💜💙 i'm a retro rpg streamer & game collector 🎮💖 come say hi!☀️~ 💌

We will just have to find out what awesome thing they are up to together.

Welcome to the Mavicorns! We're a tight knit, friendly & silly bunch. Join us! Business:

I'll be playing the dating sim Sucker for Love: First Date!

Hi, I'm Marie! | she/her • aro ⚪🟢⚫ | NYC ➡️ ATL | here for a good time | not remotely good at games | powered by coffee and 13 cats in a trenchcoat | Live every M-W-F at 8pm EST

We aren't sure what they're up to, but we're certain it is great!

Kaelena (she/her) is a Latina, Twitch Partner, and award-winning charity streamer who strives to build a cozy corner of the internet. Her content focuses on life-sim & story-driven games while inspiring her viewers to blossom into their truest, most authentic selves. Email:

I'll be playing Lethal Company with Crowd Control setup for the charity

(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

I’ll be raising money for the AHA with both my team, Team Dragon Squad, and with the Guild. I plan to collaborate with ladies from both for this amazing event! (Game & individuals still to be decided!) I’ll also be writing out some Valentines Day cards on stream for donators! ❤️

Hi, I'm Brandy / SlayWithBrandy! | she/her • demi 🏳️‍🌈 | Full-time Streamer | Discord & Youtube Partner | Cosplayer and Mental Health advocate 💜 | Live M-Th @ 9pm ET | Powered by AdvancedGG (∪ ◡ ∪) 🍵🌿

We aren't sure what they're up to, but we're certain it is great!

Howdy I'm Sarah :) 26 year-old variety streamer from Austin, Texas. Come say hi!

I will be doing just chatting unless I can find a good dating sim before than hehe

1 goal to have every doctor who fan as one of my peeps!! ALLONS-Y!!

I will be playing Kingdom Hearts 2 [hardest difficulty] as a first playthrough! I’m also thinking of writing every donations username on heart stickers and putting it on a board as an incentive!

✦ Welcome! Its me liv-eee! | That cosplayer who’s obsessed with Oddish | 💌 ✦

We aren't sure what they're up to, but we're certain it is great!

Heya! I’m Maya! Founder & Guild Master of Ninja Pulls: Elder Scrolls online community. I mostly stick to games I know how to play and if I fail, I do so spectacularly! Come and say HI!👾

EmpressNamora and I are painting wooden conversation hearts and adding heart positive messages to them!

I'm an artist who returned to art in 2016 after a 20 year hiatus! I mainly stream art, but will occasionally stream point and click games, coloring, crocheting, knitting, and baking! This is an inclusive and diverse space so all are welcome!

I'm Tina (ᵔᴥᵔ) Drop by and say hi.

i’ll be playing the Colonel Sanders Dating Sim!

Store Owner, Tea Connoisseur, Best Seamstress of Underland, and Chaotic Variety Streamer

Getting high on love and testing out a new psychedelic metroidvania, Ultros!! All donations will have their names written on a wooden heart plus many more incentives!!

Coffee, ballet & math obsessed first-playthrough streamer, who also loves open world RPGs and puzzle games with a decent story ⊹₊⋆ Embrace your inner nerd here! ⊹₊⋆ Member of Twitch Women's Guild ⊹₊⋆

Will be doing some just chatting and see where it goes.

Variety Streamer. I am a Mentor for the Twitch Women's Guild and Founder/Owner of Lycan Pack Stream Team. Partner with ADVANCEDgg. For business inquiries please email me at

Come join in and we will find out what level of awesome this will be!

✿ Salina (she/they) | I love to play spooky games and cozy games | Member of the Twitch Latin and Women's Guild | 💌

Snackless will be giving away snack themed valentine's in support for the American Heart Association.

I play games, make people smile, and like snacks.

I will be playing The Sims 4 and hosting a wedding as part of my gameplay.

Come hang out with your favorite Auntie on Twitch. I talk a lot & play games badly so there will be lots of laughs and epic fails! I play mostly relaxing and cozy games but every now and then I enjoy more intense games for mature audiences only (18+). Contact:

I'll be playing It Takes Two with my hubby (AntTheTwin). It will be a first playthrough for both of us

GenX Gamer Mom that's just here to have fun! As of recent been playing a lot of Fortnite - Zero Builds. I may play Warzone from time to time and other random games.

Hey, I'm AntTheTwin, a gamer dad rocking Call of Duty, Fortnite, and more. I'm all about variety, bringing you intense COD battles, epic Fortnite adventures, and surprises in new gaming realms. Let's dive into the gaming universe together!

Playing Attack Helicopter Dating Simulator! A funny little dating sim game where we get to date literal attack helicopters!

Welcome to the Sleepy Head Agenda where I play games and laugh a lot! - Teams & Groups: Smile Gang + Twitch Women's Guild!

We will just have to find out what awesome thing they are up to together.

variety (fortnite....) streamer and mayor of the vibe. lots of chat and the best community, minimum 2 nights a week. welcome to vibe city :) some call me ktspills, destroyer of Fortnite lobbies, master of friendship. Let’s be buddies💗

we'll do a just chatting stream and we will do a tier list of fuck, marry, kill of horror characters (probably start with DBD Killers and then expand)

I am a passionate advocate for merging the excitement of horror video games with the journey to physical and mental well-being. | She/Her pronouns | Business Email:

We aren't sure what they're up to, but we're certain it is great!

A transgender gamer, who has a passion for all things gaming and nerd. A very nice and accepting individual who wants nothing but peace and love, even though she can be a bit salty at times! Voice is very male, but she's slowly working on it. Please be kind when she doesn't pass.

I will be playing Lakeburg Legacies (Which is a matchmaking and dating sim) and discussing Identifying Functional and Dysfunctional Traits in Romantic Relationships.

Hey hey! I'm MJ! Gamer since childhood, now I play a variety of games. I'm a mental health therapist passionate about self care, planning, emotional wellness, and anti-oppression. (disclaimer: I do not offer therapy on Twitch. If you need a therapist, check out about page links)

Come join in and we will find out what level of awesome this will be!

I'm a Mod, Semi-Pro lurker, and Part-Time Troll for some fabulous people here on Twitch and I am now an occasional streamer. I play all kinds of games from strategy and puzzle games to FPS games. Feel free to ask questions and get to know me if you want! Stay positive and be happy❤

I think I'm gonna play some Dream Daddy

I'm Gingersnaps67, Ginger, Ging, or Gingy. We game, we paint, and we laugh a lot. If it sounds like your kind of thing hang out and come chat with the community! We do a ton of charity work so come hang out and share the love!

We will just have to find out what awesome thing they are up to together.

Diamond or Deity, up to you.

i’ll be playing Raptor Boyfriend which is a visual novel/dating sim & will be wearing a pink dino onesie!

hi! i’m cyuni (see-u-nee) ✿ she/her • first playthroughs: rpgs/retro/variety • iced latte + boba lover • KH axel official fan club • cat rescuer • crying at the end of games apparently • i just press buttons and hope for the best ~ ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

We will just have to find out what awesome thing they are up to together.

Mxiety [Em-Za-Ye-Tee or just M] Over-caring talk show host and cozy gamer. Inexpert overthinking about my ADHD, Depression, Anxiety to encourage you to be nice to yourself, and be a light to others.

I will be Just Chatting + one of my games and discussing dating yourself, love languages, and having a healthy relationship with yourself!

Nikki ღ | (18+) | Think a lil’ differently | While I do deeply adore gaming, conversations are the main focus here so let’s chat my lovely! | Twitch Black & Women's Guild | #BunniiGang | Let’s get deep, game, and embrace being mad cute together 💕

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